Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals

C.T. Gasket & Polymer Co. specializes in Hydraulic Seals.

With over 100 years of engineering expertise we are dedicated to offering the highest quality Hydraulic Seals and other products.

For your custom Hydraulic Seals design, or reverse engineering, our exemplary service and efficient production ensures prompt deliveries coupled with outstanding service.

In addition to custom seal design and reverse engineering we also provide emergency manufacturing and delivery, engineering, PTFE processing, Plastics Injection Molding, PEEK Processing, Rubber Molding and value added manufacturing solutions.

When designing custom Hydraulic Seals, the staff at CTG, Inc. helps customers through the complete life cycle of customer input and design, prototyping (optional), tooling/mold production, and production.  We may also make suggestions on seal modifications to design for assembly which will aid in installation, cleaning, and repairs.

Our ability to manufacture, source, package, and ship parts on time even in an emergency makes CTG, Inc. your one stop sealing solution shop.

In addition to Hydraulic Seals we specialize in Oil & Gas Seals, Viton Seals, Kalrez Seals, Custom Seals, High Temperature Seals, Viton Molding, FFKM Molding, PEEK Molding, PTFE Molding, 3D-Printing and many other high performance products and services detailed on our website.

Our products and services have been a top choice for chemical processing, oil and gas, semiconductor, pulp and paper, medical, industrial, research & development, OEM, and other industries.
In an economy that requires the balance of inventory and production, it's difficult to stay prepared when unforeseen issues result in equipment breaking down, power going out, or running over capacity.  CTG, Inc. helps you avoid loss of production.  We work around the clock to get your Hydraulic Seals completed promptly while maintaining our high standards in quality and precision.

When you contact us our experienced team will process your Hydraulic Seals order quickly and economically without sacrificing quality. 

We service the Houston, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Gulf Coast regions, and all of North America including Canada and Mexico.

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